Introducing Chelsey Vonn-Tiphanie

Sissy Bimbo in Training by Fetish Cutie Danni

Chelsey Vonn-Tiphanie

It took a while to pick out bimbo’s perfect name. We finally settled on it earlier in the week. I’ve been working with Chelsey for about 5 weeks now. Our initial interaction was geared towards public humiliation and not quite feminization or bimbofication. I’m happy to say creating Chels into a mindless bimbo with huge helpings of humiliation is the direction she’s going in.

I had a blast accessing Chelsey’s real Facebook account. I posted random things and eventually her friends started dropping like flies. For each friend she lost, I was paid $10. Sadly that fun had to come to an end when her jumpy Christian, right-wing, uptight family and friends (including a horrific ex-gf) reported Chels to authorities for a welfare check. Since having the police called kinda puts a damper on my fun; I’ve shelved ruining FB.

Chels walks to work and while doing so we had a brainstorming session on how she can be humiliated in public her next assignment will be to walk to work in 6″ heels while popping gum, wearing super long press-on nails and slathering on lip gloss. It’s quite a long walk in regular shoes. Wonder if she can pull off walking to work in the same amount of time hoofing it in slut shoes. Oh yeah, Chelsey works in retail so she’s on her feet all day. Should be fun having to stand on her feet all day after a very long walk in some very sexy pink heels.

Check out Chelsey’s Facebook page. If you are too scared to add her as a friend, you can follow her. She has been instructed to block time wasters and super annoying people.

I don’t want to give away too much of the work I’ve done on Miss Vonn-Tiphanie in one blog post. You’ll have to wait for more juicy gossip!


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